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Kverneland s-drill

More than just a drill!

e-drill maxi plus - Kverneland e-drill maxi pluss, combined grain and fertilizer model

Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

Kombination af korn og gødning

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland e-drill compact, 1400 liters hopper, ELDOS, isobus, IsoMatch, CX-II coulters, iM Farming

Kverneland e-drill compact & e-drill maxi

New integrated pneumatic seed drill - extremely operator-friendly

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland DF1, balanced and flexibility on field while seeding

Kverneland DF-1

Maximum Flexibility and Balance 

Kverneland DF2 provides balance, seeds and fertilizer at the same time

Kverneland DF-2

Maximum Flexibility and Balance 

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland DG2 High Capacity Pneumatic Seed Drill, superior depth control and high performance on field

Kverneland DG II

High Capacity Pneumatic Seed Drill

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Mechanical precision drills - Kverneland monopill e-drive2, Mechanical precision drill for beet, rape and chicory

Kverneland Monopill S / Monopill e-drive II

Monopill S & e-drive II - Mechanical precision drill for beet, rape and chicory

Mechanical precision drills - Kverneland Unicorn, precision in all soil conditions, great range of tools,

Kverneland Unicorn e-drive II

Internally filled precision drill for mulch sowing, with electrical drive and opto-electronic seed placement monitor.

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Kverneland Optima

Kverneland Optima – the universal precision drill with the intelligent framework

Pneumatic precision drills - Kverneland optima RS, high efficiency, environment friendly, GEOCONTROL and GEOSEED

Kverneland Optima RS

Fast og stærk rammekonstruktion

Kverneland optima PH,  parallel-hydraulic frame provides stable parallelogram on field

Kverneland Optima PH

The parallel-hydraulic folding frame within the Optima series

Pneumatic precision drills - Kverneland optima TFprofi, high performance and reduced tractor power requirement

Kverneland Optima TFprofi

Trailed frame - low pulling force with maximum output

Pneumatic precision drills - Kverneland Optima V, contains a hydraulic variable telescopic frame

Kverneland Optima V

To increase flexibility Kverneland has developed a hydraulic variable telescopic frame.

Kverneland optima TFMaxi, high performance and 16 rows, also safe and efficient transport when folded

Kverneland Optima TFmaxi

 High performance with a working width of 12m

Pneumatic precision drills - Kverneland Optima HD2, optimal depth control on field

Kverneland Optima HD-II sowing unit

Universal sowing unit for mulch and conventional sowing

https://ien.kverneland.com/Seeding-Equipment/Pneumatic-precision-drills/Kverneland-Optima-HD-II-sowing-unit - Kverneland optima TFprofi, high performance and reduced tractor power requirement

Kverneland Optima SX sowing unit

Optima SX high speed sowing unit, up to 18km/h for utmost efficiency

Front mounted spray equipment - Kverneland iXtra LiFe, apply the liquid fertiliser during seeding, ISOBUS integrated

Kverneland iXtra LiFe

The iXtra LiFe works in combination with the Optima precision seeder to apply the liquid fertiliser during seeding.

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Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland A-Drill performs rapid implementation of crop at low price, with high precision

Kverneland a-drill

Pneumatic seeder integrated on cultivator to ensure a rapid implementation of cover crops during stubble operation at minimum costs

Kverneland DG2 iMFarming, isobus, IsoMatch

Seed rate calculation tool

Correct and accurate settings for Kverneland pneumatic seed drills.


Kverneland u-drill, universal seed drill combination - seedbed preparation and levelling

Kverneland u-drill

The u-drill - the universal seed drill combination

Kverneland u-drill plus

The u-drill plus - the combined grain and fertiliser version 

Integrated seeding combinations - Kverneland ts-drill, cost efficient combined with high performance on the field

Kverneland ts-drill

The next generation of tine seeder – technology for the professional

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Vegetable precision drills - Kverneland Miniair Nova pneumatic precision seed drill for a large variety of natural, coated or pelleted seeds

Kverneland Miniair Nova

The professional solution for all vegetable growers

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