Trailed Sprayers - Kverneland iXtrack T3, compact sprayer, stable and precise with intelligent technology

Kverneland iXtrack T3

Compact designed trailed sprayer. Precise, easy and effective, with tank volumes from 2600 and 3200 litres. Steel and aluminum boom types available from 18 up to 30 metres. 

Trailed Sprayers - Kverneland iXtrack T4, effective, precise, stable and easy on field

Kverneland iXtrack T4

A newly designed trailed sprayer of Kverneland. Precise, easy and effective, with tank volumes from 3400 up to 4600 litres with steel and aluminum boom types available from 18 up to 40 metres. 

Trailed Sprayers - Kverneland iXtrack T6, maximum performance with low cost, stable and precise on field

Kverneland iXtrack T6

The iXtrack T6 is designed for maximum performance and productivity in combination with precise, easy and cost effective spraying. With a tank size up to 7600 litres.

Trailed Sprayers- Kverneland iXtrack C, comfort and environment friendly, up to 6000litres tank, iXclean

Kverneland iXtrack C

High tech trailed sprayer range with tank sizes from 3.000, 4.000 and 5.000 litres! Three different boom types from 18 up to even 45 metres available! 

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