iXtra LiFe

The iXtra LiFe works in combination with the Optima precision seeder to apply the liquid fertiliser during seeding.

In Front of a Good Start

The iXtra LiFe together with the Optima precision seeder ensures that seeds are sown at the right place and applies the correct amount of liquid fertiliser at the same time. For the best start for the crop, the liquid fertiliser is placed close to the seed. The smart electronics on both seeder and front tank communicate so the application starts and stops together with each individual row. The iXtra LiFe provides liquid fertiliser close to the rows of the precision drill. With the stricter fertilisation legislation an effeicent nutrient application is key to reduce the total amount of fertiliser ever year. Row fertilisation is a way to increase effiencey and save money due to a better placement of the fertiliser near the seeds.

The advantages

  • 100% ISOBUS compatibilty
  • The liquid feriliser will be placed near the seed row in one go and will create a faster start
  • Faster growing of the crop. This means a faster covering of the field to avoid weed development
  • Save costs of fertiliser and seeds, because of no overlap
  • Better use of nutrients

Technical specifications

iXtra LiFe  
Sections 4-6-8-12-16-18
Nominal tank capacity (l) 1,100
Maximum tank capacity (l) 1,300
Empty weight (kg) 221
Control panel Electrical (ISOBUS)

Spørg Kverneland