Kverneland Unicorn e-drive II

Internally filled precision drill for mulch sowing, with electrical drive and opto-electronic seed placement monitor.

Precision in all Soil Conditions

UNICORN, the mechanical single seed drill for sowing pelleted beet seed. Renowned for its quality and reliability and proven adaptability to the different operating and adjustments, which arise in the field.

UNICORN, with its 6 to 24 row units configuration, easily copes with varying operating conditions. Of special note is the parallelogram design and the frame construction, which is as robust as it is variable.

The Advantages:

  • Mechanical precision sowing of pelleted seeds such as beet, rape and chicory with corresponding calibration
  • For mulch/no-tillage sowing with the corresponding equipment
  • Working widths from 2.70–12.00m, 6 to 24 rows
  • Land wheels between the sowing units for an optimum centre of gravity distance
  • Row widths 45-50cm
  • Various tools for the seed placement and covering
  • Large number of various seed spacings via electric drive – between 8–31 respectively 4–35cm depending on specification
Model Working width (m) Row width Weight (kg)
Unicorn e-drive II 6 row rigid 3.0  45/50 400
Unicorn e-drive II 12 row rigid 6.0 45/50 910
Unicorn e-drive II 18 row rigid 9.0 45/50 1750
Unicorn e-drive II 24 row rigid 12.0 45/50 2800
Unicorn e-drive II 12 row PH 6.0 45/50 1250
Unicorn e-drive II 18 row PH 9.0 45/50 2180

Unicorn - Frame

The rigid end-tow toolbars are available in working widths of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m. The convenient and time saving parallel hydraulic folding is available in 6 m and 9 m toolbar versions. The transport width of all Unicorn models is a maximum of 3 metres.

The hydraulic, parallel folding mechanism allows UNICORN to be easily folded for transport on public roads. Alternatively, there is a lengthways towing facility available for the rigid 12, 18 and 24 row frames. Support or drive wheels on the mid and outer sections provide optimum ground contour following characteristics.

Unicorn - Sowing Elements

The sowing units – like the whole machine – are modular in design.

The basic element always remains the same and the equipment can be varied according to individual requirements.  For mulch seeding, the front Farmflex wheel is simply replaced with a double cutting disc equipped with side zero pressure tyres. The trailing coulter draws a clean seed furrow for precise seed placement.

The Unicorn sowing elements are equipped with the V-press wheel as standard. The zero pressure rubber tyres do not allow soil to stick and provide excellent operation. The seed is covered with loose soil by adjustable coverer. The amount of covering soil is similar to that of the sowing depth ideal for wet and loamy soils. 

Optional finger press wheels are recommended for heavy dry soil and soils susceptible to late frost. The seed is covered with loose soil by the adjustable coverer. The covering soil is lower than the sowing depth. A "micro climate" protects the germinated plant. 

Unicorn - Seeding Heart

UNICORN operates as an internally filled drill, with chamber wheel speeds, which correspond to the normal sowing speed in practice. The adjusted chamber speed of the bearing borne chamber wheel minimises bounce and roll impulses, thus increasing the precision of seed placement. Guaranteed filling of each individual cell: The cell wheel internal filling principle for precise seed placement

Unicorn - e-drive II

Electronic drive for highest precision. Complete control and monitoring of the machine from the tractor cab in accordance with ISOBUS standard.

The latest Terminal universal ISOBUS terminal – IsoMatch Tellus PRO offering two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal, the ISOBUS shortcut button and a touch screen display. 

  • Two ISOBUS screens at a glance
  • Integrated tractor ECU programme
  • RS-232 connection for a GPS receiver or other external sources
  • Option to connect up to 4 cameras
  • Multifunctional, ergonomic, user-friendly design 

The Tellus GO+ is the cost efficient alternative for ISOBUS compatible machines of the Kverneland Group.


IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - Cost saving with immediate payback 

Seeding with GPS and GEOCONTROL in combination with an electric driven precision drill is a major step towards precision and cost saving. These machines are all equipped with ISOBUS technology which with the help of the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, can be easily controlled. 

Each electric driven seeding element, in combination with GPS and GEOCONTROL, is automatically switched on or off in exactly the right place, ensuring there is no overlap with any row that has already been seeded. This is especially handy in triangular fields, on curved or irregular shaped headlands. 

For further information regarding our iM FARMING concept go to https://ien.kverneland.com/iM-FARMING

ISOBUS Intelligence - GEOSEED

GEOSEED - Precision at high end

GEOSEED is offered in two different levels:

GEOSEED Level 1 is the synchronization in the machines working width. This improves the distribution of seeds up to perfection in parallel or diamond pattern: Positive effects are the best use of nutrients, water and sun. Also the wind and water erosion is decreased.

GEOSEED Level 2 is the synchronization in the whole field. This is the necessary requirement for interrow cultivation, also across the seeding direction. GEOSEED is the only system in the world that makes this mechanical weed control possible!

Micro-Granule Applicator

The hoppers, made of special grade plastics, have a capacity of 35 litres. 

They are mounted according to the working width with 2 or 3 outlets per unit.

Metering wheels of different sizes and materials are available to suit the application requirements of most types of micro-granule.

Spørg Kverneland