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Kverneland s-drill

More than just a drill!

e-drill maxi plus - Kverneland e-drill maxi pluss, combined grain and fertilizer model

Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

Kombination af korn og gødning

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland e-drill compact, 1400 liters hopper, ELDOS, isobus, IsoMatch, CX-II coulters, iM Farming

Kverneland e-drill compact & e-drill maxi

New integrated pneumatic seed drill - extremely operator-friendly

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland DF1, balanced and flexibility on field while seeding

Kverneland DF-1

Maximum Flexibility and Balance 

Kverneland DF2 provides balance, seeds and fertilizer at the same time

Kverneland DF-2

Maximum Flexibility and Balance 

Pneumatic seed drills - Kverneland DG2 High Capacity Pneumatic Seed Drill, superior depth control and high performance on field

Kverneland DG II

High Capacity Pneumatic Seed Drill

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