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Fastkammer rundballepressere

Kverneland 6250

Chain and roller fixed chamber balers with a bale diameter of 1.20 x 1.25m.

Fixed Chamber round balers - Kverneland 6350 Plus, produced for efficient use and silage conditions

Kverneland 6350

Full roller fixed chamber balers with a bale diameter of 1.20 x 1.25m

Variable rundballepressere


Kverneland 6716 - 6720 Plus

Variable chamber baler with bale diameter from 0.60m up to 1.65 and 2.00m

Variable Chamber round balers - Kverneland 6616 Plus - 6618 Plus, variable chamber and market leading bale density

Kverneland 6616 – 6618 Plus

Variable chamber baler with bale diameter from 0.8m up to 1.65 and 1.80m

Fastkammer pressekombinationer

Fixed Chamber Baler-Wrapper combinations - Kverneland 6350 Plus FlexiWrap, efficient twin satellite wrapper

Kverneland 6350 FlexiWrap

Baler wrapper combination with fixed chamber baling concept.

Fixed Chamber Baler-Wrapper combinations - FastBale Kverneland, revolutionary solution that produces bales nonstop

Kverneland FastBale

Non-stop fixed chamber baler-wrapper combination.

Variable presserkombinationer

Variable Chamber Baler-Wrapper combinations - Kverneland 6716-6720 Plus FlexiWrap, operating cost efficient and providing high outputs on field

Kverneland 6716 - 6720 Plus FlexiWrap

Baler wrapper combination with variable chamber baling concept.


Round Bale Wrappers - Kverneland 7710, three point wrappers and Hydraulic film cutter

Kverneland 7710

Liftophængt rundballeindpakker

Round Bale Wrappers - Kverneland 7730, made for smaller tractors but still fully atuomatic

Kverneland 7730

Trailed Turntable Wrapper handling round bales up to 1200kg

Round Bale Wrappers - Kverneland 7740, self-loading mechanism and folding bales up to 1200kg

Kverneland 7740

Bugseret rundballeindpakker med svingbord.

Round Bale Wrappers - Kverneland 7820, gently self-loading system and can wrap on the move so it operates effectively

Kverneland 7820

Self-loading satellite bale wrapper

Round Bale Wrappers - Kverneland 7850, easy to use in operation and provides high volume wrapping operations

Kverneland 7850

Bugseret rundballeindpakker med satellit.

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