Kverneland Subsoiler Flatliner

Maximum soil shatter – minimum surface disturbance

Kverneland Flatliner

The benefits of selective soil loosening should never be underestimated, particularly following a wet autumn. Healthy root growth is essential if crop yields are to remain high. Any sub-surface pans must be identified and then removed. Incorporating the latest technology, the Kverneland Flatliner with the modern V-frame offers the perfect solution.

The Flatliner provides maximum shatter of deeply embedded compaction layers with minimum surface disturbance across the working width. It works to a depth from 30cm to 50cm. The frame equipped with bolted clamps for tine fixing enables to adjust the tine spacing. The curved shape of the Pro-lift and LD tines and the high quality chromeboron steel reduce the wear, limit the power requirement and prevent the rising of clods and stones to the surface.

The Advantages:

  • Maximum soil shatter
  • Minimum surface disturbance
  • Reduced wear
  • Reduced power requirement
Model Flatliner 300 Flatliner 350
Working width (m) 2.61 3.15
Frame size (mm) 150 x 150 x 10 150 x 150 x 10
No. of tines 3 or 5 5
Tine spacing (cm) 87 / 57 63
Average power requirement (HP) 130 - 150 140 - 200
Max. power requirement (HP) 250 250
Weight (kg) 1,700 2,150

Spørg Kverneland