Kverneland 853

Universalmaskine til udfodring og strøning

Kverneland 853 er designet til at snitte og fordele halm, hø og ensilage. Den bidrager med en fleksibel og effektiv løsning til både strøning og udfordring af halm og ensilageballer, hø eller siloensilage. Solid konstruktion sikrer pålidelig ydelse og lang levetid. Det 3 m³ store kammer kan transportere 2 rundballer. Gearboksen med to udvekslinger gør det nemt at indstille maskinen til strøning eller udfodring.


  • 3m³ kammer.
  • Bugeseret model for både udfordring og strøning.
  • Valsen umikke design giver perfekt håndtering af forskellige materialer.
  • To trins gearkasse for reduceret hastighed ved udfodring.
  • Mulighed for transport af 2 rundballer på en gang.
  • Fåes med standard eller svingbar tud.
  • Distribuerer halm op til 18m.

Tekniske specifikationer:

  Volumen Læsse kapacitet Kraftbehov
853 3m³ 1700kg 48/65 kW/hk

Drum-Knife Configuration

  • The Kverneland 850 range includes a unique drum – knife configuration.
  • Standard on models 853 & 856, the knives are mounted on angled rings so that they pass a fixed ‘comb’ on alternative sides.
  • This ensures that materials are cut and fed into the flywheel chamber evenly, reducing the risk of blockage, offering even  discharge & leaving the drum and comb clean.
  • The drum is fitted with 14 blades as standard, but will accept a further 28 blades according to material type – simply bolt them on in a matter of minutes.
  • A patented system - the knives pass the fixed comb on alternative sides for a more even cut.


  • The 1.55m diameter flywheel of the Kverneland 850 series is fitted with 6 blowing paddles, providing a powerful blow for the most efficient distribution of the material and an excellent cleaning of the flywheel housing.
  • The flywheel does not chop the straw, thus ensuring virtually full length material suitable for bedding of covered yard areas.
  • In combination with the 2-speed gearbox (standard on models 853 and 856) the flywheel can throw straw up to 18.00m (on high speed) or gently feed hay/silage at the side of the machine (at low speed).
  • With the 280° swivel chute discharge straw can be blown up to 15.00m.

Two Speed Gearbox

  • To provide the correct flywheel speed for bedding and feeding the Kverneland 853 and 856 are fitted with a two speed gearbox.
  • At lower speeds the flywheel ensures a metered flow of silage or hay for feeding.
  • At high speed a powerful blow for the most efficient distribution during bedding is ensured.
  • The gearbox speed is adjusted via the handle on the side of the machine.

The Standard Chute

  • The standard chute is suitable for both bedding and feeding purposes.
  • Without excessive blow the feed can be positioned over barriers, into troughs or onto the floor.
  • The height of the discharge chute is controlled hydraulically, offering simple adjustment from bedding to feeding positions.
  • The lower chute tray and discharge flap are self-adjusting to ensure unrestricted flow according to material type being used.
  • For bedding purposes the chute is moved up and down through the control terminal. The standard chute is able to blow straw up to 18m.

Swivelling Chute

The Kverneland 853 and 856 can be fitted with the new swivelling chute that is suitable for both bedding and feeding purposes.

  • The new chute is positioned right above the flywheel where the blow is strongest.
  • This gives a more efficient distribution of the material and reduces the risk of blockages.
  • The swivelling chute allows the operator to accurately direct bedding materials into otherwise inaccessible areas of the building. The end flap of the swivel chute operates via an electric actuator whilst the 280° rotation of the chute is hydraulically operated.
  • For feeding of hay and silage the material is feed into the feed chute that direct the material onto the floor.

Easy Loading of Bales

  • The hydraulically operated rear door fitted to 800 series provides a self loading facility for easy loading of square and round bales.
  • The rear door also offers the ability to carry a second round bale for increased capacity.
  • A bale kit can be fitted to the end of the tailgate to ensure that the bales stay in position during operation.
  • The size of the bale chamber makes it very easy to load the material with a loader - and two round bales can be loaded at the same time - saving time.

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