Kverneland 95130C PRO med ny funktionalitet

Udstyret med nye løsninger til at højne effektiviteten 

ISOBUS løsning til den professionelle bruger

95130C PRO er teknisk identisk med 95130C. PRO dækker over høj brugervenlighed via ISOBUS styringen. Alle betjeningsfunktioner styres nemt og effektivt med kombinationen af LS hydraulik og en ISOBUS, såsom IsoMatch Tellus Go eller IsoMatch Tellus Pro fra Kverneland, men også traktorens ISOBUS terminal kan selvfølgelig benyttes. Med ISOBUS får brugeren mulighed for at betjene og indstille riven helt efter behov.

Nye funktioner:

  • Alle 4 rotorer kan løftes individuelt
  • Foldning og udfoldning med et tryk på en enkelt knap
  • Arbejdsbredde kan justeres via terminalen
  • Mulighed for at gemme skårbredden
  • Forlandsautomatik - mulighed for at gemme de forskellige skårbredder


Techniske specifikationer:

  Arbejdsbredde Rivearme Vægt
95130 C PRO 10.00-12.50m 4x12 4700kg

4m Transport Height

These Kverneland models give no reason for wasting time, not even when moving between fields. Just raise the rotors and off you go, securely below 4.00m transport height. There is no need to leave the tractor to remove tines arms. Large transport wheels and hydraulic brakes are standard.


For storage all tines arms are detachable to allow a storage height as low as 3.40m. A strong and stable storage foot ensures fast and trouble-free coupling and uncoupling.

10-12.5m Working Width

The hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width allows you to customise swath intensity and width to the capacity of the following machine, conveniently handled and controlled from the tractor seat. Working width can be set between 10 and 12.50m and swath width can be adjusted between 1.20 and 2.20m, adding the necessary flexibility.

ISOBUS Control

  • The 95130C PRO and 97150C are fully Isobus compatible and available with the IsoMatch Tellus PRO or Tellus Go terminals.
  • The IsoMatch Tellus PRO is a virtual terminal, offering 2 interface screens in 1 terminal. The large 12” easily programmable touch screen offers ergonomic use.
  • The IsoMatch Tellus Go is especially developed for controlling machines in a simple way. Just connect your machine, step into the tractor cab, switch on the power button and GO. 

Headland Management

The Kverneland Models 94125 C, 95130C and 95130C PRO come with enhanced headland management. In addition to high ground clearance of rotors during headland turns it is possible to tailor time delay between lifting/lowering the front and rear rotors to driving speed and field conditions. This is done mechanically in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Optional Electric Height Adjustment

  • Electric height adjustment possibility of all 4 Rotors
  • Possibility to save the position of the rotors to recall them later
  • Easy set up thanks to Isobus Control
  • All rotors are adjusted after each other, to secure that no failures due to power consumption can occur

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