Kverneland 97150 C

Fire rotorers ProLine model med 15 m arbejdsbredde

15 m arbejdsbredde

Kverneland 97150 C med 15 m arbejdsbredde er designet til højest mulig kapacitet.
97150 C er bygget med fokus på kapacitet og holdbarhed samt optimal tilpasning til de aktuelle forhold. Således er rivebredde og dermed også skårbredden hydraulisk indstillelig fra førerkabinen. Fire rotorer, med op til 15 rivearme, sikrer høj kapacitet og et perfekt rivearbejde, selv ved høje hastigheder. Med en rivebredde på 15 m og et perfekt formet skår er kapaciteten sat i højeste gear under græshøsten.


  • Vedligeholdelsesfri ProLine oliebadsgearkasse.
  • Hydraulisk justering af arbejdsbredden mellem 9,8 og 15,0 m
  • Hydraulisk justering af rivehøjden
  • Medstyrende hjul sikrer perfekt manøvreevne, også på mindre arealer.
  • Sammenfoldningen sikrer en transporthøjde på under 4 m - uden at afmontere rivearme.
  • ISOBUS kontrol.

Tekniske specifikationer:

  Arbejdsbredde Antal rivearme Vægt
97150 C 9,80 - 15,00 m 2x13/2x15 5700 kg
Kverneland 97150 C

ProLine Gearbox

  • The ProLine rakes feature a unique drive system which comprises oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels.
  • The fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication, and makes the entire system absolutely maintenance-free.
  • The hardened cam track is adjustable, and features a flat curve and an extremely large 400mm diameter, providing positive guidance to the steel rollers, and promoting quiet machine running.
  • Aluminium bearing housings, with two integral ball bearings and wide support, provide solid and maintenance-free tine arm mounting.

97150 C Adjustable Working Width

  • Raking width can be continuously varied on the move between 9.50m and 15.00m.
  • Raking width can be matched to the density of crop to obtain an evenly shaped and equally wide swath over the full length.
  • The two outer rotors can be adjusted individually.
  • You can independently steer an outside rotor around an obstacle such as a pole or tree without having to change travel direction with the complete machine.

97150 C Manoeuvrability

  • The 2-pt headstock allows a turning angle up to 80° and the steered wheel axles ensure the 97150 C has unequalled manoeuvrability.
  • Despite a total length of 9 m, even narrow gateways or approach lanes to fields are easily negotiated.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic breaks allow  97150 C to reach high transport speeds, minimizing time spent going from field to field.
  • During transport the height of the machines  is below 4m, without removing the tines. Transport width with detached tine arms is only 3.45m.
  • Conversion from transport to working position is very fast, and is carried out from the tractor cab.

Optimal Ground Pressure

Hydraulic ground pressure control means constant and adjustable pressure on the rotors regardless of their position on the carrier frame.

Free mobililty in three planes combined with six steered twin wheels per rotor give each rake head perfect ground following ability for the cleanest possible raking performance.

Each rotor can be independently set for height by using the hydraulic system.

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