Kverneland Exacta EL

The Exacta EL is the smallest and most compact spreader in the range. 

Compact and Complete

The Kverneland Exacta EL is a very compact spreader that will fit behind every tractor. The spreader comes with a grading box as standard, to determine the fertiliser characteristics and quality. With the CentreFlow system and 4 vanes per disc, the fertiliser is treated in a gentle way and is spread in a triangular shaped distribution pattern with double overlap. The Kverneland Exacta EL can spread up to 21 metres.

The Advantages:

  • CentreFlow spreading system
  • Easy setting and adjustment
  • Border spreading is easy!

Technical Specifications

Exacta EL EL 700 EL 900 EL 1400
Hopper capacity (l) 700 900 1400
Filling height (cm) 96 108 128
Width (cm) 154 154 176
Filling width (cm) 148 148 170
Empty weight (kg) 400 425 450
Spread width (m) 9 - 18 (20/21)*
Output (kg/min) 10 - 230

* Depending on fertiliser type and type of vanes.

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