Kverneland Exacta CL

The Exacta CL disc spreader is the master of the medium segment. 

Master of the Medium Segment

- Provides Precise and Efficient Spreading 

The Kverneland Exacta CL mounted spreader is medium in size and volume, but combines high performance, precise spreading in all weather conditions, easy adjustment and intelligent output in one machine. This disc spreader has a hopper capacity between 1100 -2000 litres and comes with the CentreFlow system as standard which can spread up to 28 metres. It also comes with 8 vanes per disc for the same spreading quality as the bigger spreaders. This Exacta CL fertiliser spreader can be equipped with most of the accessories for larger spreaders such as aluminium hopper extensions, ExactLine for border spreading, parking frame or LED lights. The Exacta CL fertiliser spreader can be operated hydraulically or electrically. 

The Advantages:

  • Consistent spreading pattern with the CentreFlow spreading system
  • Easy setting and adjustment with EasySet
  • Border spreading is easy!
  • Standard and optional equipment available to fulfil your requirements
  • Exacta Remote Control II to operate the spreader from the closed tractor cab

Technical Specifications

Exacta CL CL 1100 CL 1550 CL 2000
Hopper capacity (l) 1100 1550 2000
Filling height (cm) 100 119 138
Width (cm) 220
Filling width (cm) 214
Empty weight (kg) 330 355 380
Spread width (m) 10 - 24 (27/28)*
Output (kg/min) 10 - 320

* Depending on fertiliser type and type of vanes.

Spørg Kverneland